How it works

What is the Cammster?

Cammster is an alarm system for your house with additional features which works by a principle of the motion detector.

Cammster is created for those who don't want to leave apartment without supervision during holidays, business trips etc.

Cammster advantages are photographing and sms notifications with link to the photos.

How it works

Leaving apartment, you leave the turned on computer with the webcam connected to the Internet and the launched program.

If movement is detected, the program will photograph the place through the webcam and will save pictures to the selected storages. You will be notified by sms and email about it.

*If you have pets, you can adjust sensitivity of the program to avoid false alarms.

What can Cammster?

  • Motion detection
  • Save photos into the E-mail attachments
  • Save photos to the RapidShare
  • Save photos to the Dropbox
  • SMS alerts about detected motions
  • Running several detectors in different tabs or computers.
  • History of alerts